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My Pipes

Master Pipe Maker Dave Atherton's reputation as a premier creator of individually hand crafted Great Highland Bagpipes is rooted in a pipe making lineage dating back to the Robertson line of pipe makers in Scotland.  Atherton Bagpipes are known for both the unsurpassed quality of sound and exquisite old-world craftsmanship.

I play the Atherton "Legacy" model in African Blackwood, art. ivory mounts, Sterling silver slides, ferrules, and caps.  My pipe is set up with Rocket drone reeds and a Colin Kyo chanter.  The shield on the bass drone is hand engraved Sterling by David Davidse. 


Pictured below is my set of Gibson smallpipes in African Blackwood.  They were a gift from my wife on our 20th anniversary.   The sweet sound and lower volume make them ideal for indoor events such as dinner parties and inside funeral homes.

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